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About No Star

No Star was born in a state called Colorado in 1999 after a late night of beer drinking and shit talking. Josh Hindson and Erik Prowell, friends from college, shared a love of t-shirts and graphic design. Their first run of shirts consisted of three designs which were inevitably given to friends (because no one would buy them). With a little luck and a lot of help, the duo kept designing and printing t-shirts. They finally hit stride when they realized their senses of humor were much stronger than their design skills. There are millions of better designers in the world, but is anyone else as funny or clever?

No Star grew and the originators left Colorado for the bluer skies of Idaho and greener pastures of Oregon. They started running the business out of Erik's garage in Bend, OR, and started doing tradeshows. As sales grew, the space in Erik's garage diminished and No Star set out to find a new home and now has its roots firmly planted in Portland, OR.

Years later, No Star has four employees and their products can now be found internationally. “We couldn't have done it without you...” and they would like to thank the following folks for all their help: Spiked Punch Dan, Tara Z., Gabriella and Ali from Mama, Jonny Altru, everyone at the former Retread Threads, Keri at Atlas, Suzy at Villains, the Banker, Joey at OSI, Kim at Market Showroom, Nate and Skye for packing orders, B-Unit for tech support, the tireless Jake Steele, Mr. Dombrowski for the inspiration, and all of their other great friends.

To all of you, from all of us at No Star Clothing - Thank you and Make Smile Happen!

Team No Star
The Owners